The armory system in FFXIV

 FFXIV GIL is necessary for game .The Armory system is FFXIV's answer to the traditional class system. It is split into four categories: The Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic, Disciples of the Land, and Disciples of the Hand. Each disciple will have certain class archetypes that will be the basis of your initial class; however, things will change over time. Instead of being stuck with a single class after character creation, you are able to switch your role on the fly by simply changing some armor and your weapon. Say, if you wanted to be a stra Final Fantasy XIV Gilight tank, you would Buy FFXIV Gil to wear full plate armor and carry a sword and shield (the path of the Gladiator), or if you wanted to be traditional ranged fighter, you would don some leather equipment and carry a bow (the path of the Archer). cheap ffxiv gil is here to save your money to play with more equipment. However, you are not obligated to stick to any one role. One thing that Square-Enix has been pushing with this game is freedom of choice. Want to wear plate armor but still be able to cast Blizzard on someone? Theres a way you can do that. This game is more about freedom of class than being restricted by it. Of course, there will be limitations to this, such as you can allocate FFXIV Power leveling to get so many skills at one time, and you have to of course obtain a certain level of skill with the other paths.

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