Archlord Guide: Upgrade Stones

archlord gold is useful anytime in Archlord, you can combine 10x elemental stone to upgrade the stones to the next level of the same type. For example, if you buy 10 Gale Stones at level 3 air elemental, and go to the refinery in the town you are in, you will obtain a Tornado Stone at level 4 without costing you a lot of archlord power leveling.

Often, cheap archlord gold is also important for high level characters will sell the lower level stones in bulk. Check out how much the higher level stones go for, and simply divide that number by ten. For every stone of the lower level you buy under that, you will profit.

You see someone selling 20 Gale Stones for a total of 150k, for a unit price of 7.5k per. Next, you look at Tornado Stones and see they are selling for 130k each. 130k / 10 = 13k. Buying the stones at a unit price of 7.5k will be a profit. You buy the Gale Stones, combine them at the refinery to make 2 Tornado Stones (10 * 2), and price them at a comfortable 120k. Once they sell, you will have made 45k on each stone, or 90k total in a matter of minutes. Try to buy the lower level stones on weekdays, where the supply is higher and thus the stones are cheaper. Then, sell them on weekends when more people are playing. You can make about 300k Buy Archlord Gold everyday in about 10 minutes of just buying/selling this way.


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