The way to gain Aion gold


As we know that aion gold is important for leveling up .Starts to flush the level path is difficult, generally uses 6-and-a-half day of time only then to 30 levels. Then the free time practiced the gold metallurgy to 199 does not have the aion kinah. But where is the money come from? First doubts, explodes the equipment, explodes the material, and sells the thing to the store. This is the basic game coin income. And this is individual can gain. The following needs to say is not the money which the average person can gain. 30 levels before we did not need saying that why? Because 30 levels of before has sold 100W buy aion gold, at that time the price is especially low. True making is starts from 30 levels, what that most makes money is what matter?
The occupation plays family rules first: Populace's thing is cheaper than the auction room, others 10000, and 9999, and others 10W, my 9W9. As far as possible early produces goods, is the kingly way! The occupation plays family rules second: The rare goods casual pendulum price, we draw an analogy, just opened 30 level of time, you have knit 33 level of blue color clothes, as soon as looks at the auction, nobody has this type , The attention, I meant this type, did not mean that must have this kind of thing

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