Earning Fiesta Money Guide

Method 1: Buy low & Sell high

About 3 silver lower levels for 10 silver higher levels, various drop items and ingredients for production skills

this method is very easy but will take a little time. You will need to find an active spot in Elderine and set up a vendor for buying things from other people. In the shop, place each item (set the quantity to 50) (set a reasonable price, but not so low that no one will sell to you, and not so high that you can sell them for more lately) A good price is maybe 5c Fiesta Gold more than the merchant. Make the store name something like buying your DROPS? When you have finished buying the items resell them for more than you bought them. (Change you name).

PROS: VERY good money

CONS: takes LOTS of time.

Method 2: Buying From other Venders

Need: 5+silver (and a good attention span)

This method will take power and lots of searching time. The GOOD thing is that it can have a HUGE outcome. You could get tons of Fiesta Online Gold by collecting the right things and selling them back to the community. The best thing to do is find one thing that sells well and go buy lots of it, next you will need to sell it back to people for more than you bought it. (Sometimes you can find a noob selling an item for like 1/20th of what it could sell for).

PROS: VERY good money, easy, any level can do it

CONS: VERY slow, need to Buy Fiesta Gold to start it off

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